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Personal & Meaningful Cursive

Welcome to
Handwritten Charm!

Handwritten Charm Specializes with Classic Cursive Penmanship in:

  • Addressing envelopes for any occasion

  • Return address on envelopes

  • Save the date cards

  • Party invitations

  • Place cards

  • Reception seating chart with place cards

  • Stuffing, sealing and stamping invitations

  • Inside the front of a guest book

  • Thank you notes

  • Anything else that needs personalization

I receive lots of compliments on my penmanship and have decided to offer my cursive handwriting services to add a personal and meaningful touch to your special occasion. My cursive writing is full of flowing curves and fancy loops using black fine point pens.

Email me today to find out more about my services.

Envelopes Addressed
by Handwritten Charm make a great first impression!

Handwritten Charm’s classic cursive penmanship may be found on envelopes for any kind of occasion such as weddings, showers, parties, graduations, anniversaries, holiday cards and any other kind of special event.

The envelopes are addressed with fine point pens in black ink. Thicker points are not possible because it is hard to write out long names on one line and long cities, states and zip codes on another line if the letters are too big.

A well organized guest list is essential. The website is very helpful with proper etiquette including how to address outer and inner envelopes. The site will help you plan your entire wedding.

Please send with your envelopes a Microsoft Word listing of your names as soon as possible for the quickest turn around time. Depending on the size of your order, two to three weeks is needed to complete your project. Shipping time (if necessary) also needs to taken into consideration as that will take extra time.

Sending a list
Please list the people you are inviting to your special occasion and format the list into one column on each page with using Microsoft Word in Times New Roman with a size 14 font. Your guest list should include the guests name exactly as you wish it to appear on the invitations. Please have your guest list numbered, alphabetized and spelled correctly. If you are using inner envelopes, please indicate how you would like them written under the address.

It is essential that you order 10 and 20 percent more than your total list as you might add a few people at the last minute, addresses might change and the occasional human error. If you do not have extra ordered, you risk the chance of having to order more and that can take some time so it is best to play it safe!

Place Cards

Let your guests know you care with elegant
dinner seating at assigned tables.

Place cards will be written using a fine tip because of the confined area. The cards will all be written in the same size so when they are laid out on a table or on a board they look uniformly written.

Place cards come in a variety of styles and ways. You may choose if you’d like to have the tented place card with your guest name(s) on the outside with the table number on the inside or outside. Escort envelopes with enclosure cards are also an option. I will add the cursive to the place cards you supply which may be from the company that does your invitations for your special day or the tented cards bought at a store without anything printed on them. Tented place cards may be made into a lovely seating chart which is easier for your guests.

Sending a list
Please list the guest name(s) exactly as you wish it to appear on the place card. Please format the list into one column on each page with using Microsoft Word in Times New Roman with a size 14 font. Please have your guest list numbered, alphabetized and spelled correctly. Please indicate if you would like the table number on the inside or the outside of the place card.

Extra Place Cards
It is essential that you have at least 10 to 20 percent more cards than the total number on your list. This is to insure that you will not have to order more cards at the last minute in case you have to add more names to the list or if any need to be redone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any guidelines to properly address envelopes? Try the website or for etiquette guidelines, tips and advice.

How can I verify street addresses and zip codes in the US? If you are uncertain about a zip code whether the address is a "street", "drive", "road" or any other name, use the US Postal Service ZIP Code Lookup.

How soon does Handwritten Charm need the items to be written on with the names list for the invitations, place cards, etc.? The items to be printed and the information for your cursive penmanship must be shipped and in my possession (the list or what text you want can be emailed) within 3 weeks of when you want the job completed. This includes the time that the items need to be shipped back to you. Otherwise, rush charges may be applied.

Are fees applied for RUSH orders?
Yes, there will be an additional fee if you require your order in 10 days or less. Fees will vary depending on what the project is.

What is the minimum order? There is a minimum order of 25 envelopes or 50 place cards. Please email me to confirm the cost of your project.

What is the refund policy? All orders are final. All deposits are non-refundable.

What is the deposit and payment policy? There is a deposit of 50% down. This deposit is nonrefundable. Cash is the welcomed preferred method of payment; however checks are acceptable. The balance including shipping is due and is nonrefundable once I complete the job and before it is shipped out. A date of when the balance is due will be given to you. Shipping is at the expense of the customer. Clients are responsible for all charges as listed on their invoice.

Do I need to have extra printed materials sent such as envelopes, place cards, etc.? Yes. It is recommended to have approximately 10% - 20% more than your list says. This is essential because I am human and I can make mistakes, you might add a few people and things you never know might just happen. Better to be safe than sorry!

Please note:
For mistakes that I make you will need to notify me and I will fix any errors. I will therefore hold on to the printed materials until you have proofed my work. I will send back the extra envelops if you want me to.

How are items shipped? I usually ship packages by USPS. I always pack them the same way you pack them to me and I allow the allotted time for the package to get to you. I cannot guarantee that products will be delivered on time and/or without damage.


Wunderland Brides are eligible for a discount!

Addressing Outer Envelopes Only
$0.50 for up to 4 lines

Traditional Inner & Outer Envelopes
$0.75 per set

Return Address
$0.50 for up to 2 lines

Place Cards with Name and Table Number
$0.25 each

Stuffing, Sealing and Stamping Invitations
With your stamps - $0.50 each
Add response cards with your stamps - $0.75 each

Postage and Handling if Necessary
Postage and handling fees are in addition to the prices listed above. Handling fees will be the price of the packing materials plus $10.00 for time. To keep costs to a minimum, I will reuse any box that your materials are sent in whenever possible.

If you do not see pricing of your project, please send an email for a free estimate.

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